Here at Planet Mercenary we understand your needs. We know the targets you're shooting at, and it's not unlikely that we've sold armor to them in the past. If you're going to take that hill by force, you're going to need our help.

There’s no single perfect option, and with the exception of hiring the job out to somebody far tougher than you, there's no “easy” button. Different jobs require different tools. The long gun that lets you neutralize targets from two thousand meters away is a poor choice for a boarding action, and the scattergun that turns a sweep of the deck into a swab of the deck isn’t what you want to carry into the nerve center of a comm station. 

Spend a little time thinking about how the hurt needs to be applied, and and we'll tell you how much of that hurt is going to get put on your wallet, first. No pain, no gain. 

The Planet Mercenary Role Playing Game

The only old-timey, pencil-and-paper game in the galaxy that will make your grunts smarter as they play it! USERS OF…

Slug Throwers

Slug throwers are by far the most common weapons in use, and the design principles haven’t changed much in thousands of years of warfare. Ultimately there are only so many useful, convenient ways to launch a projectile at a target. 

The two most common in our catalog are propellant chamber weapons, often refered to as "firearms," and pulsilinear electromagnetic acceleration (PEA) weapons, lovingly called "pea-shooters." Don't be fooled. Firearms don't throw fire, and pea-shooters will kill things every bit as effectively as any other ballistic weapon.

Beam Weapons

There are several types of beam weapons, which we’re going to classify by their beam before we start trying to sell them to you. We want you to know what you’re getting and what you’re getting yourself into.

Non-Lethal Takedown Weapons

When you want to shoot first and ask questions later, you want to be carrying some sort of takedown weapon. Most of the major weapon manufacturers advertise non-lethal load compatibility, but many law enforcement agencies see these as an unacceptable compromise, and will use specialty weapons exclusively.

Melee Weapons

There are countless situations in which you might find yourself fighting without a pistol, carbine, or other kill-from-a-comfortable distance weapon. The only way to improve your odds in these circumstances is to carry some sort of melee force-multiplier.