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Planet Mercenary a Retrospective

Sandra Tayler — 28 December

Alan Bahr has writting a beautiful retrospective of the Planet Mercenary project as we wrap up the final pieces of the Kickstarter. It is good to pause and reflect before diving into new Planet Mercenary projects in 2018. https://alanbahr.net/2017/12/05/planet-mercenary-a-retrospective/

What Comes Next

Sandra Tayler — 6 December

As of yesterday we entered a new stage for Planet Mercenary. We posted the Game Chief Secrets PDF that represents the final item that was promised as part of the Kickstarter. Our creative team will be taking a hiatus from Planet Mercenary for two months. In February 2018 we'll be regrouping to figure out what comes next. We have lots of material and ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor which can be turned into expansions and supplements. So we're excited to continue after our brief break.

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