Upcoming plans for Planet Mercenary




This past week Howard, Sandra, and Alan got together to discuss plans for future Planet Mercenary RPG releases. The discussion energized us and we came up with the following schedule. All items inside the schedule are still somewhat tentative. We have to put in work to make sure they'll work as we have them outlined, but we wanted to give you an idea of what we have planned:


A new adventure release for GenCon titled Escape from the Friggen Jungle.

The Size Might Matter pdf (the 2017 Gencon Adventure) made available for sale.

Potentially we'll combine both Size Might Matter and Escape from the Friggen Jungle into one physical booklet that we'll have available at GenCon.

A Precision Mayhem Deck. This would be a deck of new Mayhem cards along with a guide to tuning your Mayhem deck in order to optimize the sort of story experience you want your game to have.


We'll run a Kickstarter to create a 120 page book with new worldbuilding, location, and adventure information inside it. We're excited about what we plan to put into this book, but not yet ready to announce what it is.  An additional book as a stretch goal is also in the planning stages. We intend both books to be fully written before running the Kickstarter, so we're actually starting work on them right away.

There will be a GenCon adventure for 2019.

We also intend to take some of the adventure seeds that we culled from the Planet Mercenary RPG book and turn them into additional PDF adventures that GCs can use for their group. Ideally we'll put out one of these per quarter. This effort may begin in 2018 depending on time and focus.

Those are the plans as they currently stand. We're excited to get to work and bring out these new things for you. Thanks for supporting Planet Mercenary.

By Sandra Tayler | 20 February 2018