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    Welcome, Valued Customer!

    For eight hundred years Planet Mercenary has been offering our clients the finest weapons and materiel the free market has to offer. During that time we've produced, in-house, a number of educational products, but over several hands of decades we've learned that the education wasn't working. You, our customers, are… Read more
    By [redacted], Office of the CEO | 21 May 2015
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    Making Mayhem from Mundane

    This neo-retro-thing we're doing, this game? I didn't 'xpect to find my call in it, but that's 'xactly what happened. Lemme tell: When Terl'Kris assigned me to this project I made the shrugs. Writing a game? Nope. That's calorie-burning for the creatives. That's not what I do. Me, I'm about… Read more
    By Intern M. V. [Full name redacted pending wrongful death lawsuit] | 9 May 2015