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    Planet Mercenary at GenCon 2018

    Event registration for GenCon begins on Sunday May 6. We're running nine Planet Mercenary sessions over the weekend. If you want to sign up, the title you're looking for is Escape from the Friggen Jungle. It features all new characters who have found themselves in a terrible situation on Ellwor.… Read more
    By Sandra Tayler | 1 May 2018
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    Upcoming plans for Planet Mercenary

    This past week Howard, Sandra, and Alan got together to discuss plans for future Planet Mercenary RPG releases. The discussion energized us and we came up with the following schedule. All items inside the schedule are still somewhat tentative. We have to put in work to make sure they'll work… Read more
    By Sandra Tayler | 20 February 2018
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    Planet Mercenary a Retrospective

    Alan Bahr has writting a beautiful retrospective of the Planet Mercenary project as we wrap up the final pieces of the Kickstarter. It is good to pause and reflect before diving into new Planet Mercenary projects in 2018. Read more
    By Sandra Tayler | 28 December 2017
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    What Comes Next

    As of yesterday we entered a new stage for Planet Mercenary. We posted the Game Chief Secrets PDF that represents the final item that was promised as part of the Kickstarter. Our creative team will be taking a hiatus from Planet Mercenary for two months. In February 2018 we'll be… Read more
    By Sandra Tayler | 6 December 2017
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    Dividing Line

    If you delve into older news post from here, you will find several posts from when we thought that we would run this Planet Mercenary website as an in-universe extension of the book. We discovered that approach, while amusing, seriously limited our ability to support players and retailers. So we… Read more
    By Sandra Tayler | 6 December 2017