Planet Mercenary at GenCon 2018




Event registration for GenCon begins on Sunday May 6. We're running nine Planet Mercenary sessions over the weekend. If you want to sign up, the title you're looking for is Escape from the Friggen Jungle. It features all new characters who have found themselves in a terrible situation on Ellwor. In years past the Planet Mercenary events have sold out very quickly, so you might want to register promptly. We'll make sure that the money you spend registering and the time you spend playing will be very worthwhile. Sandra is already brainstorming some fun giveaway items for players.

If you can't be at GenCon, we'll be releasing a purchasable version of the adventure either in print or PDF at around the same time (in August.) More extensive details can be found over at Planet

The description of the adventure is as follows:

You are the last surviving members of a mercenary company whose most recent mission turned out to not be a walk in the park. "Walk in the jungle" is closer, but this jungle has plants with metal blades, trees with polyceramic bark, and flowers that use electric light as lures. There are herbivores capable of eating all of that, and they get eaten in turn by apex predators who, unfortunately, found your armored transport to be easier prey. On a positive note, it might still be possible to complete your mission, which is terribly risky, but also ridiculously worth it since now you won’t have to divide the take with a company of 400 soldiers.

We may have future GenCon related announcements in the next month or two, but for now you want to secure your seat for a Planet Mercenary adventure.

By Sandra Tayler | 1 May 2018